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Charmed 7The series narrative follows three sisters, known as the Charmed Ones, the most powerful good witches of all time, whose prophesied destiny is to protect innocent lives from evil beings such as demons and warlocks. Each sister possesses unique magical powers that grow and evolve, while they attempt to maintain normal lives in modern day San Francisco.




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80s ROCK Billboards


80s Rock BillBoards- Number One Hits-1980 thru 1989 (87-89 under construction)

For most of you that grew up in this era , a lot of these songs will remind you of places you’ve been, who you were with, what you were doing. Ahhh, love the sweet smell of Nostalgia. Good memories, Good times. So Clic on the link and find that favorite year that meant so much to you deep inside.

Vintage Video Games pngThe golden age of arcade video games is defined as the peak era of arcade video game popularity and technological innovation. Although there is no consensus as to its exact time period, most sources place it as starting in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and lasting to the mid-1980s.

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