MadonnaThe best way to describe the ‘80s is with one word – revolution. It was a time of many changes, both good and bad, not just in fashion but also in movies, music, and even politics. It was during the 80s that the world first came to know about compact discs, VCR, the MTV and Nintendo.

And who can ever forget the TV shows of the 80’s? It was during the 80’s that many people stay glued to their set to watch as MacGyver freed himself from locks and chains using a single paper clip. It was also during this era that many fantasized about becoming life guards themselves as they watch the day-to-day drama of Baywatch unfold. Even before Leverage came into business, the A Team was already being the hero.


Even the children of the 80’s have their own share of favorite TV series which, incidentally, became movies today. Two of such series are G.I. Joe and The Simpsons. These two were among the most popular TV shows that it would be considered uncool if you do not have even one The Simpsons or G.I Joe t-shirt.

The 80’s was also the time when people got to know legends such as Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Madonna, Michael J. Fox, and Tom Cruise, among others. Bands such as Frankie Goes to Hollywood, who became famous for their single, “Frankie Says Relax”, Kiss, Bon Jovi, and The Police were already hitting the airwaves and wooing a great number of people with their unique style.

Movies of the ‘80s were also lauded as great accomplishments whether they were “slasher” flicks or sci-fi 80s ROCKworks of art. One such film that was critically acclaimed, and later grew a cult following, was the “The Big Lebowski,” a comedy film about a mistaken identity. It starred Jeff Bridges and was praised for its idiosyncratic characters and unconventional dialogues as well as electric soundtrack.

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